What attracted me to a Beaumaris Holiday Cottage?

Photography – Marilyn E Williams – A Pretty Pastel Picturesque Place Beaumaris

Having historical Welsh family routes, I just feel at home visiting Wales and in particular Anglesey. I wanted first and foremost somewhere where I loved to visit; somewhere situated on the island that provided peace and relaxation, a getaway from the fast-paced life at home.

When talking to friends and family about my purchase, it dawned on me – I wanted to share such a beautiful place – and this is when I decided to rent my beloved Beaumaris Holiday Cottage!

Beaumaris – a beautiful place with plenty to do

Beaumaris is an enchanting seaside town with a hustle and bustle. I liken it to Greendale from Postman Pat, there is a strong neighbourhood feel where all the locals seem to know each other. At the same time there is an abundance of things to do all surrounded by stunning scenery.

When you visit you feel like you have encountered a warm Welsh hug but with plenty of shops, cafes, pubs and outstanding eateries, along with a regular market supplying local produce.

Beaumaris has a mix of Medieval, Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian architecture. You can almost envisage yourself as a person from yesteryear when sitting on the pier taking in the breath-taking views over the Menai Strait and Snowdonia.

Then, looking back at the town you are greeted by picturesque cottages painted in soft pastel colours, which draw you into the charming streets of the town.

A little bit of Beaumaris’ history – all on Hyfrydle’s doorstep

Beaumaris Castle is a popular attraction in the town and is situated almost opposite the Hyfrydle. This impressive structure is a United Nations World Heritage Site which was built as one of the iron ring castles of North Wales by Edward I to stamp his authority on the Welsh. Although it was never finished, it is still referred to as the “most technically perfect Medieval Castle in Britain.”

Opposite Beaumaris Castle is the Court House, constructed in 1614 and renovated in the 19th Century. Here visitors can walk through the large rectangular courtroom, stand in the original dock and view the splendour of the grand jury room.

Situated just two streets behind Hyfrydle, on Steeple Lane, is the Beaumaris Gaol. This building provides a fascinating insight into the world of the prisoner in the 1800s. Step into the dimly lit corridors and visit the gruesome cells and places of punishment, then learn about the sad end to Richard Rowlands in 1862. Rowlands protested against the accusations of murdering his father in law, and is said to have placed a curse on the church tower opposite, which to this day the clock has never kept the right time.

Then just up the road from the Gaol, situated in Church Street, stands the 14th Century Church of St Mary and St Nicholas which houses the empty coffin of Princess Joan, wife of Prince Llywelyn Fawr and daughter of King John of England. The location of her body remains a mystery but her effigy is carved into the coffin lid.

Further to all the historical sites in the town, many like to take a cruise to Puffin Island from the pier. This leisurely cruise is a chance to soak up the wonderful scenery and landmarks in and around the straits, including Penmon Lighthouse. Puffin Island is a bird sanctuary and a nesting site for many species of breeding seabirds, there’s also a resident colony of Atlantic Grey Seals. You may even be lucky enough to encounter porpoise, or even sometimes see a dolphin.

If, like me, you are intrigued about Beaumaris and you would like to visit Hyfrydle take a look at https://beaumarisholidaylet.co.uk/or book via http://www.boltholesandhideaways.co.uk/hyfrydle/


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