Fire-break lockdown for Wales

Photography – Marilyn E Williams – ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bridge’, On The A55

From 6pm Friday 23rd October Wales will officially go into a fire-break lockdown. With this in mind Hyfrydle will be closed to the public until further information is provided on 9th November – fingers crossed we can reopen!

We love our holiday home, as do all of our guests, but we feel it is important to respect the residents of Anglesey and Wales during these hard times. Although the Welsh Government measures do have an impact on the travel industry, the safety of the Welsh people and slowing the virus is paramount.

What do the measures mean for the people of Wales?

  • People will be asked to stay at home apart from undertaking exercise.
  • Gatherings indoors and outdoors with people not in their household will be banned.
  • Non-essential cross border travel in and out of Wales is to halt.
  • Hotels, hairdressers, beauticians, pubs, restaurants and non-essential outlets will be shut.
  • Leisure businesses, community centres, libraries and recycling centres will shut.
  • Places of worship will be closed for normal services, except for funerals and weddings.
  • Facemasks will still need to be worn in all indoor public places.

Hyfrydle’s Covid-19 safety measures

Covid-19 has definitely put a dampener on 2020, but we wanted to just take the time to reassure you if you were thinking of visiting when the restrictions are lifted.

We are proud to say that we have “we’re good to go” accreditation. This means that we have undertaken rigorous risk assessments and that we have been recognised as an establishment that follows the Government and Industry Covid-19 guidelines. That there are processes in place to maintain cleanliness and aid social/physical distancing.

At the end of the day, we want to make sure that you have peace of mind.  That we have done our utmost to make sure your stay is a safe one, and that’s why we have introduced the following procedures and items:

  • All surfaces and soft furnishings undergo a two-part cleaning process – a clean and then disinfect, in-line with the cleaning guidelines set out by Visit Wales. All surfaces are disinfected using diluted Peracetic acid tabs. These have a 7-log kill rate, are used by the NHS, and are virucide approved by the World Health Organisation for use against Coronavirus. A cleaning checklist is completed and signed by our experienced and qualified Housekeeper prior to each visit.
  • Welcome folder and hamper – although times are tough, we still want you to have the same experience as before. That’s why we thoroughly disinfect the Welcome folder and all goodies in the welcome hamper are now sealed.
  • Cleaning products – we provide a box of cleaning products to get your holiday started safely and these are rotated on a 72 hour schedule.
  • Bedding, towels, bath mats, mattress and pillow protectors – All items are kept in isolation for more than 72 hours (the duration that the virus can live on surfaces) and then washed using a full cycle in both detergent and antibacterial wash.
  • Kitchen items – everything is cleaned between each guest; all items ranging from spatulas, to pots and pans and glassware.

Booking Hyfrydle with confidence

If you do choose to book and you have been advised by the Government that you are not allowed to legally travel due to regional rules, whether that’s locally or within Wales, we will offer to move your booking free of charge or organise a full refund.

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