A creepy tale about Beaumaris Gaol

We welcome you to pull up a pew, grab a brew, and read this creepy tale about Beaumaris Gaol.

Built in 1829, Beaumaris Gaol is steeped in history and ladened with tale upon tale. Many a prisoner has trodden the treadwheel, an active form of punishment in yesteryear, and it can still be seen in its original dark and dreary position today. Further on through the bowels of the jail, at the rear, the gibbet can be found – a sorrowful end to two prisoners who were enclosed in the Gaol.

Rumour has it, that the building is cursed by one of the unfortunate two, Richard Rowlands. A prisoner who was hanged in 1862 for the murder of his father-in-law, and something that he denied to his bitter end. The internal clock on the church tower is where the paranormal activity manifests, and to this day the clock has never shown the right time, even after adjustment.

Both men who came to their tragic end have apparently been buried in the Goal grounds, but where, nobody knows…

A paranormal regular also frequents the grounds in the form of a jailer, along with keys clanking, footsteps and shuffling, and there is even the odd whistling. In general the Gaol has a feeling of sadness, making the faint-hearted feel uneased upon entry and even some being pulled by unseen hands.

So next time you visit, take a moment to think, about the odd goings on in Beaumaris clink. Happy Halloween everyone!

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